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About Us

farmStanler Farms is a family business which was established in 1975, initially concentrating on maize and cattle farming.  In 1985 we were approached by the largest mushroom producers in South Africa to recycle their spent compost.  Because of our experience in the farming sector we were aware of the benefits of compost and the consistent quality of spent mushroom compost as we had used it on our own lands.

As the volumes exceeded our own requirements we opened branches in Midrand and Tarlton.  We were then requested to market the compost in the Cape and we established a branch in Durbanville. Because of the nature of our business (where transport is a major factor), each branch is located close to a Mushroom farm.

The compost in which mushrooms are grown is produced scientifically to very exact specifications in order to create a quality organic fertilizer for their purposes.   Mushroom Compost is extremely high in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.  Mushroom compost also contains a range of micro nutrients.  Once the compost is produced by the mushroom grower, mushrooms are grown in it for 9 weeks and it is then sold on to Stanler Farms.  This spent product is used by Stanler Farms either as the base of the other Stanler Farms products, or in its original composition as Mushroom Compost.

As a result of the origin of the compost, Stanler Farms can boast the most nutritiously and consistently produced compost on the market, offering a product that has a nutrient content which is often more than double that of any other compost available, and one which is 100% consistent, load after load.

At Stanler Farms, we are proud and confident of our product, as attested to by the lush gardens, verdant golf courses and bowling greens, and fertile agricultural lands of our clients.