To grow a garden that blooms all year round, you need to understand what flowers prefer and what the best climates are for them. Spring flowers combined with fall flowers allows your garden to contain colour all year round or you can get the same effect by using flowers that are resilient regardless of climate. Let us unpack some examples for you to have a better understanding of which flowers grow best in which season.

Spring Flower Gardens

The first flowers of spring often bring joy as it is a sign of warmer weather on its way. Spring flowers bring a magnificent array of colours to the dark days of autumn. For every colour in the rainbow, you can find a spring growth to match.

Daffodils grow early in the year just as the earth warms up. 

Tulips are gorgeous flowers.

Flowers for a Summer Garden

Summer flowers can endure the hot, humid heat that causes spring flowers to wither away. The best thing about summer gardens is that they bring as much colour as the spring growth does.

Cornflowers bring life to a wildflower summer garden. 

Delphiniums are a gorgeous tall bright purple, pink, and white flower. 

Autumn Garden Ideas

There are not many flowers that can withstand the autumn season. Most autumn flowers are resilient enough for the hot heat of summer, but also the cold weather that autumn brings.

Dahlias are an excellent choice for fall because they last until the first frost. 

Roses are another bush that blooms until the first frost. As long as you prune them well, they will flourish throughout the season. 

Winter Flowers for the Garden

When you think of winter flowers, you often think of indoor potted plants, but some flowers will grow outside in the winter regardless of the climate. 

Winter Aconites are probably the easiest to grow in the winter because they need very little grooming. These yellow beauties will bring colour to the drab winter months.

Poinsettia flowers are often thought of as a Christmas flower due to its ability to flourish during the winter months. 

There are of course many more flowers for you to work with during the year, these are only but a few to add the beauty in your garden. For all year round beauty in your garden, SPEAK TO STANLER FARMS today to allow the experts to guide you through the year.