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We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Discover the unparalleled quality and effectiveness of Stanler Farms’ premium products, trusted by prestigious golf courses, expansive public gardens, and sprawling parks nationwide. Our commitment to excellence and confidence in our offerings make us the preferredd choice for large-scale landscaping projects.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost – The Foundations For Grand Landscapes

Embark on a journey with our Mushroom Compost, the bedrock of expansive,
thriving landscapes. Our weed-free compost serves as the ideal foundation,
naturally boosting humus levels, fostering microbe growth, and releasing essential nutrients for your plants.

This organic compost enhances plant resistance to pests, increases water-holding capacity, and aids in clay soil breakdown. Stanler Farms’ Mushroom Compost is the powerful solution for maintaining large-scale landscapes – preventing surface compaction, suppressing weeds, and ensuring optimal rain absorption. Elevate your landscape with the defender it deserves!

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Lawn Dressing – Transform Your Green Spaces

Revitalize extensive lawns with our Lawn Dressing, a harmonious blend of weed-
free compost and sand. This fine medium enhances nutrient levels, smoothens uneven surfaces, and improves drainage across vast green expanses.

It’s not just topsoil; it’s a solution to raise low spots caused by erosion, prevent soil compaction in high-traffic areas, and enrich your lawn with organic matter for sustained vitality.

Experience the grandeur of a well-maintained landscape with Stanler Farms.
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Lawn Dressing
Top Soil

Top Soil – Nature’s Fertility Boost For Large Areas


Stanler Farms presents an organically enriched topsoil, a 30% compost to 70% topsoil blend. This unique mixture promotes plant thriving, improves soil water retention, and reduces the need for frequent watering across extensive areas.

Ideal for large-scale landscaping projects, our topsoil encourages healthy root growth, prevents soil erosion, and protects plants from adverse weather conditions.

Give your extensive landscapes the best start for flourishing growth.

Potting Soil – Scale Up Your Gardening

For thriving container gardens and flourishing nurseries, Stanler Farms’ Potting Soil is the answer. Unlike ordinary soil, ours is a weed-free blend of compost, composted bark, and sand, specifically designed for potted plants.

The airy texture ensures optimal drainage, prevents root rot, and provides essential nutrients for vibrant growth. Whether you’re nurturing delicate seedlings or cultivating mature houseplants, Stanler Farms’ Potting Soil gives your roots the perfect environment to thrive.

With Stanler Farms potting soil, you can plant and cultivate the herbs, flowers, or veggies of your dreams in large scale!

Potting Soil
Wood Chip

Wood Chip – Long-lasting Mulch For Expansive Areas

Give your landscapes a touch of rustic charm and long-lasting protection with Stanler Farms’ Wood Chips. This affordable option provides a slow-release of nutrients as it decomposes, enriching your soil over time. But its benefits go beyond nourishment.

Wood chips act as a natural shield, protecting your soil from erosion, retaining moisture, and suppressing weeds. Plus, they look fantastic!

Use them to line pathways, define flower beds, or add a touch of texture to any landscaped area. Stanler Farms’ Wood Chips are the natural way to beautify and protect your large-scale landscapes.

Bark – Mulch and nuggets – A Grand Touch Of Elegance

Elevate your landscapes with the premium appeal and practical benefits of Stanler Farms’ Bark Mulch and Nuggets. This stunning choice not only retains moisture and keeps your soil cool during hot summers, but it also enhances soil texture and improves drainage as it breaks down.

Imagine vibrant gardens with healthy plants surrounded by a rich, natural mulch that suppresses weeds and adds a touch of rustic elegance. Bark Mulch and Nuggets are the perfect finishing touch for any high-profile landscape project.

Combining seamlessly with our topsoil, it creates an optimal environment for robust root growth. For a beautiful and healthy large-scale landscape, choose Stanler Farms Bark Mulch.

Bark - Mulch & Nuggets
Decorative Stones

Decorative Stones – Grandeur In Every Detail

Add a touch of elegance and practicality to your expansive landscapes with Stanler Farms’ Decorative Stones. Available in a diverse array of colors and sizes, these stones let your creativity run wild. Create stunning patterns, define pathways, or simply add a touch of sophistication to your gardens.

Beyond aesthetics, Decorative Stones protect your soil from harsh weather, improve drainage, and even help regulate soil temperature. Whether you’re managing a sprawling public park or a prestigious golf course, Stanler Farms’ Decorative Stones are the perfect way to add beauty and function to your landscapes.

If you would like to beautify your garden and improve the longevity of your soil, decorative stones are the way to go!

Roses and Shrub – Tailored Soil Mixture For Extensive Gardens

For passionate rose enthusiasts and landscapers who demand the best, Stanler Farms’ Roses & Shrubs mix is the secret weapon. This unique blend of compost, sand, and clay is specially formulated to address the challenges of sandy soils, common in many Western Cape regions.

Maintaining optimal moisture levels and providing essential nutrients, this mixture improves soil structure, controls weeds, and fosters thriving roses and shrubs across vast gardens. Elevate your extensive landscapes with Stanler Farms.

Speak to Stanler Farms today to find out how we can help your rose garden bloom to new heights. Available only at our Cape Town branch.

Roses & Shrubs
Tees mix and Bowling Green Mix


Used by golf clubs nationwide, our ultra-fine Tees Mix and Bowling Green Mix, featuring compost and sand, ensure healthier golf greens on a grand scale.

Retaining moisture, increasing nutrient density, and allowing for decorative wildflower areas, this mix is the key to stunning fairways.

Discover the secret behind South Africa’s beautiful golf courses with Stanler Farms. Enquire Now and provide your prestigious establishment with the ultimate solution for maintaining expansive and vibrant greens.