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We are proud and confident of our products

we are proud and confident of our products


At Stanler Farms, we are proud and confident of our product, as attested to by the lush gardens, award-winning golf courses, bowling greens and fertile agricultural lands of our clients.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost

You might say that our mushroom compost is where it all began. Our weed-free compost is the ideal base for any healthy, thriving garden. It naturally increases the humus in the soil which, in turn, grows microbes and releases the nutrients that your plants need. 

Our compost leads to healthy plants that are less susceptible to pests and diseases. It also increases the water-holding capacity and helps break down clay in the soil.

Stanler Farms produces organic compost that does not contain any chemicals or fertilisers, making it the ideal addition to a fully organic and natural garden. It also will not encourage pests into your garden, diminishing your need to use harmful chemicals. 

Our compost prevents surface compaction and encourages better rain absorption. It is also fantastic for suppressing weeds, keeping the nutrients in your plants rather than allowing weeds to flourish. 

Think of our mushroom compost as  Superman and Batman rolled into one, there as the sole defender of your garden!

Lawn Dressing

Lawn dressing is a mixture of our weed-free compost and washed sand. It’s perfect for spreading on top of your current lawn to give it a boost of much-needed nutrients. 

This easy-to-apply product can simply be raked over the lawn, as it is a fine medium. Laying it slightly thicker in some areas can help to build up layers to level out an uneven lawn. 

While lawn dressing is sometimes referred to as topsoil, the two products are nothing alike. Lawn dressing is applied on top of your lawn, and topsoil is used as a filling or levelling agent before planting. 

Lawn dressing can help to raise low spots in gardens caused by erosion, and can even help to prevent soil from compacting in high-traffic areas of your lawn. The drainage of the lawn will be improved too. The organic matter in the lawn dressing will break down over time, replenishing the soil with added nutrients. 

Find out today how Stanler Farms can provide you with the lawn of your dreams.

Lawn Dressing
Top Soil

Top Soil

Stanler Farms produces an organically enriched topsoil. It is the ideal topsoil to use when filling or levelling an area before planting. 

The ratio for this combination is 30 percent compost to 70 percent topsoil. The addition of compost helps plants thrive and produces a fertile growing base for your project. 

Our topsoil is enriched with compost, setting it apart from other options on the market. The compost will provide added nutrients as it breaks down, enriching the soil and improving its condition. 

Stanler Farms’ topsoil also provides improves your soil’s water retention capabilities. This helps to reduce your need to water your garden as regularly. This is great news for gardeners who are water- and environment-conscious. Using high-quality topsoil can encourage healthy root-growth from plants, which can help to prevent soil erosion and the effects of wind, rain, and inclement weather on the plants. 

Let Stanler Farms provide your plants with the best possible start so they can flourish and continue growing. 

Potting Soil

Our potting soil is a mixture of our weed-free compost, composted bark and sand. It is ideal for planting vegetables and pot plants, as it provides fantastic nutritional value and the perfect base for healthy happy plants. 

The sand helps with drainage and the bark slowly breaks down over time, releasing additional nutrients into the soil. Potting soil allows potted plants to grow healthily, as using normal ground soil or topsoil will not be effective for these plants. 

Potting soil is lighter, which makes it more effective for use in a pot. This also means that the pots will not easily be broken or damaged by the soil when you fill it. 

Because our potting soil contains weed-free compost, there will be air pockets created in the soil, making it lighter and airier for better drainage. Plants are able to root effectively in this nutrient-dense soil, which will reduce any damage caused by inclement weather. 

With Stanler Farms potting soil, you can plant and cultivate the herbs, flowers, or veggies of your dreams!

Potting Soil
Wood Chip

Wood Chip

Wood chips provide a long-lasting mulch that is extremely slow in breaking down. It is our most affordable option for coverage, and helps to protect your garden from the elements. It provides a slow-release of nutrients as the chip composts. 

For your soil to fully benefit from these wood chips, you should use it as a protective layer of the Stanler Farms weed-free compost. This will maintain the health of your soil and protect it from the elements. This will also provide added microbes and nutrients to your plants.

Wood chips can also be used for decorative purposes, such as lining a pathway or your garden beds. They can help to improve the quality of your soil by reducing the evaporation of moisture and limiting your need to weed the soil.

These wood chips will also help to level and maintain the temperature of your soil, which is ideal for seasonal plants that need specific temperatures to grow in. 

Stanler Farms’ wood chips are all-natural, making them the ideal addition to any garden.

Bark – Mulch and nuggets

Bark is a premium mulcher. Not only does it retain moisture and keep your soil cool during warmer months, but it also improves the texture of your soil and helps it to retain water as it breaks down.  

It also looks stunning, and is the perfect addition to any rustic garden aesthetic. You can arrange the bark mulch or nuggets around trees or shrubs for a natural charm for any garden. This type of mulch can help to suppress weeds from growing by blocking out the sunlight and air that weeds thrive on. 

As the bark decomposes, it will release more nutrients into the soil, making it richer and healthier for plants to thrive in. Adding it to our topsoil can create the perfect environment for roots to grow stronger in. This helps to prevent any possible erosion from taking place. 

 Bark mulch also helps to improve the fertility of the soil, which is ideal for new garden beds that you might be starting up. You will find that your flowers, herbs, and even trees flourish when using our bark mulch.  

Whether you are a novice or a dab hand in the garden, Stanler Farms’ bark mulch is the perfect choice for you.

Bark - Mulch & Nuggets
Decorative Stones

Decorative Stones

Our decorative stones are perfect for neatening your garden and adding an element of style. They are also useful for protecting your soil against the elements – especially unrelenting, ever-punishing wind we have in the Cape.

You can let your imagination fly free by using decorative stones to create patterns and designs in your garden. We provide a diverse array of stones to choose from, all of which can be styled to suit any garden aesthetic or combined with our bark mulch for a healthy, beautiful garden bed. 

A benefit of using decorative stones in your yard is that plants will be protected from the heat of the sun, which can dry their roots out and cause damage. The stones will provide a barrier against other, harsh weather such as rain or hail. Our stones also provide better drainage for healthier soil.

If you would like to beautify your garden and improve the longevity of your soil, decorative stones are the way to go!

Roses and Shrub

Our secret mixture contains compost, sand and clay. It is perfect for helping rose enthusiasts deal with the sandy soil that we have in Cape Town.  

The clay helps keep moisture in the soil whilst the sand provides adequate drainage for your plants. Lastly, the compost introduces nutrients which aid in plant growth. It is best to use this compost in areas with sandy soil. 

Our unique mixture helps to maintain the right temperature in the soil, so your roses can perform better no matter the season. Your roses will also benefit from the nutrients in the mixture, thanks to the addition of compost. Their roots will also become healthier and stronger. 

The soil structure itself will be improved, meaning that your roses and shrubs will have a more solid base to grow from. You will also fid better control over weeds, which can be highly beneficial for any rose garden. All the good microorganisms will thrive in this mixture, making for a more fertile soil year-round. 

Speak to Stanler Farms today to find out how we can help your rose garden bloom to new heights.  Available only at our Cape Town branch.

Roses & Shrubs
Tees mix and Bowling Green Mix

Tees mix and Bowling Green Mix

Used by golf clubs the length and breadth of the country, this ultra-fine mixture of compost and sand is a green keeper’s best friend. 

Because we use compost in our secret mixture, the golf greens will have healthier soil and will be in a better condition than ever before. You can also use this mixture for creating a winter tee or you can use it to level out high-traffic areas.

By adding compost, your soil will be able to retain moisture more effectively, and will become more nutrient-dense. This will result in a richer, healthier golf green that will surprise and delight anyone who plays a round on your turf. 

You can also use this amazing compost and sand tees mix to create a decorative wildlfower area on your green, for that little something extra to “wow” your clientele. 

If you have ever wondered how those golf courses have such beautiful fairways, there is a good chance Stanler Farms is the answer!