Working compost into your garden improves soil texture and drainage and adds nutrients to the soil. If used as a mulch, compost also controls weeds and helps the soil retain water during dry weather. Stanler Farms produces organic compost that does not contain any chemicals or fertilisers, making it the ideal addition to a fully organic and natural garden. It also will not encourage pests into your garden, diminishing your need to use harmful chemicals.

It feeds your plants

Mushroom compost is a slow-release nourishing fertiliser. It encourages beneficial fungi, bacteria and micro-organisms into the soil. If you’ve forked mushroom compost through the garden or used it as mulch, your plants probably won’t need much more feed unless you’ve got a hungry clematis or tomato demanding its dinner.

It’s versatile

You can dig mushroom compost into vegetable beds prior to planting or you can put it around plants that are in situ – this is known as ‘top-dressing’.

It’s organic

If you’re an organic gardener mushroom compost is your friend. You won’t need to worry about chemicals leaching into your veggies or affecting wildlife.

It holds water

Mushroom compost is organic matter and holds moisture in place. We’re all trying to cut back on our utility bills, so soil that can retain moisture is good news on that front. If you have a summer holiday booked or there’s drought looming then moisture holding soil is exactly what you need for your garden. Moisture retention also improves life for your plants because changing from dry to wet conditions can impede grow. If you can maintain a steady, moist condition they will appreciate it and be a lot healthier as a result.

It prevents surface compaction

Soil surface is easily compacted by sun, rain, and foot tread but mushroom compost can prevent the soil surface from crusting over and compacting. This aids rain absorption and encourages worms to generate healthy, crumbly soil.

It’s a drainage aid

Often plant labels state ‘best in moist but well-drained soil’. Well, yes, obviously, but we don’t all have endless free hours to water and dig our soil do we?  Mushroom compost can improve chalky, clay or compacted soils so that water runs freely. This means your plants won’t get waterlogged and drowned out.

It doesn’t smell bad

Yes, mushroom compost is made from organic matter, or in plain terms – animal poo, but it doesn’t smell bad. When you first open the bag it may smell musty or ‘dark’ but it certainly doesn’t stink. You can stick your hands in it without gagging and once it’s on the garden any lingering smell disappears.

If you would like to reap the benefits of mushroom compost for your garden, Speak to Stanler Farms today to find out more what we can offer you.