One of the main purposes of using lawn dressing is to reintroduce organic matter back into the soil and to level out an uneven lawn. Applying lawn dressing to your lawn can help to rejuvenate and invigorate your lawn while also encouraging more lawn growth. However, some novice gardeners might not be entirely sure how to use lawn dressing effectively. 

When you are considering lawn dressing for your garden, there are some simple tips and tricks that you can follow to make it a successful addition to your garden. You will need to start by preparing your lawn so the surface is even and weed-free, then you should move on to applying the lawn dressing and maintaining the lawn. Not sure where to start? Below we give some helpful advice on how to use lawn dressing effectively. 


Prepare Your Lawn


The first step in using lawn dressing effectively is to prepare your lawn. You will need to mow it and cut it short so that the lawn dressing can better reach the soil in order to release nutrients. Be sure to also remove any dead grass from your lawn and make sure your lawn is dry before applying the lawn dressing. 


What To Do About Weeds? 


If you have weeds on your lawn, you should avoid mowing them and should instead use an organic herbicide to rid your lawn of them. Allow at least a week to pass after applying the herbicide so that the weeds have been eliminated before mowing. Once this is done, you can apply your lawn dressing. By not properly eliminating the weeds before applying lawn dressing, it might lead to increased weed growth or limit the ability of the lawn dressing to reach the grass.


Always Aerate Your Soil


Once you have mowed your lawn and eliminated the weeds, you will need to move on to the next important step, which is aerating your soil. This helps the nutrients from the lawn dressing to filter into the soil and the grass easier. This can of course help to make your grass grow more efficiently. You can use a spike roller for this or a simple garden fork, whichever is easier. Aerating the soil will also help to ensure that the lawn dressing is applied evenly and will reach all of the grass. 


When Should I Apply Lawn Dressing?


Lawn dressing is a helpful addition to any garden and can be applied at any time of the year for optimal grass growth. If you would like to use it seasonally, you should use it during early Spring.  This is when the grass is just starting to grow after the winter weather. You can reapply the lawn dressing in March or April to reinvigorate your lawn. This will help ensure that nutrients are still being distributed across the lawn. 


Love That Lawn


Lawn dressing can help to improve the quality of your lawn and can help to lay the foundation for new, fresh grass. Be sure to prepare your lawn correctly.  By mowing it and eliminating weeds, lawn dressing can release nutrients directly into the grass and soil. Be sure to aerate your soil and apply the lawn dressing during the right season for optimal growth. 

If you would like to reap the benefits of lawn dressing in your yard, contact Stanler Farms to find out what we can offer you.