In the gardening world, everything has been created with a purpose and everything has a place. This is especially true of the types of products you use on your grass and plants, namely lawn dressing and topsoil. Using the right product for the right application is vital.  Especially if you would like your garden to thrive and be as lush as possible. Many people get confused about the differences between lawn dressing and topsoil.

When you are looking at lawn dressing it is important to understand the differences between this product and topsoil. Both are important for a healthy garden, but they are used for different aspects of your lawn. A combination of both can help to improve the quality of your garden. However, it is still important to understand the differences. Below we dive a little deeper into both products. 


Love That Lawn Dressing


Lawn dressing is an important part of any beautiful garden. It is often a mixture of organic compost and washed sand.  Helping you create the garden you have always dreamed of. It is ideal for raising low spots in your garden, which can give it an uneven appearance. It can also help to prevent compacted soil in the high-traffic areas of your garden. 

One of the benefits is that it can help to improve lawn drainage, which is necessary for the successful growth of many plants and flowers.  Grass often experiences a high volume of traffic from people and animals on a daily basis. Therefore a popular use for lawn dressing is to boost the quality and health of the grass in your garden,

By combining compost with washed sand, your lawn dressing will provide much-needed nutrients back into the soil. This in turn helps to boost plant growth. Lawn dressing, as the name implies, is simply a “dressing”.  Meaning that it is applied only to the top of your lawn as opposed to being integrated into the soil beneath. 


Tips About Topsoil


An important part of any successful garden, whether you are growing succulents, roses, or even vegetables is topsoil. It is often made up of compost and soil in order to help plants thrive and flourish. This addition of compost allows the topsoil to enrich the soil with nutrients and can aid in improving the quality and structure of the soil. 

Topsoil is used for leveling out an area before anything is planted, as well as for maintaining the integrity of the soil. It sits on top of the soil and, as the compost decomposes, more nutrients are released into the soil. This leads to more fertile soil and healthier plants. If you have sandier soil, topsoil can be used to level out the ground for landscaping projects. 

Ideally, you should use topsoil before planting any vegetation in your garden.  This will ensure that the soil has enough nutrients in it and that the root structure will be supported. Vegetables will thrive in a garden that has been primed with topsoil, as will any flowers and herbs. 


When To Use Which


Now that you understand what the differences between lawn dressing and topsoil are, you are likely wondering when you will need to use which. If you need to even out your garden before planting or before a landscaping project, then your best bet is to use topsoil. If the soil has been washed away by rain, you can top this up and improve the garden’s appearance by using topsoil. 

Lawn dressing is simply used to dress or top the lawn.  Often used in places where the grass has been flattened by heavy traffic, it can be used to improve this and level this area. Is there erosion in your grass bed?  You can use this product to address this issue and combine it with topsoil for a more nutrient-dense soil for your plants. 

Combining lawn dressing and topsoil as part of your garden treatment can help you to create a stunning green oasis.  But be sure to use each one in its correct manner. If you would like to reap the benefits of lawn dressing or topsoil, contact Stanler Farms today to find out more about our premium products.