Adding health to your garden does not have to be a complicated process. In fact, there is a simple and affordable solution to improving the health of your garden, and that is using wood chips as mulch. Wood chips are ground up pieces of wood and bark that are highly useful for planting trees, shrubs, and smaller plants. There are huge benefits to using wood chips in your garden, not just for aesthetics.

You should invest in wood chips to improve the health of your soil. It can aid in boosting the drainage of your soil, help the soil to retain more moisture, and provide a slow-release of nutrients into the soil. If you are still not sure that using wood chips in your garden is right for you, below we look at some of the benefits of these nifty garden additions. 


Better Moisture Retention


One of the major benefits of using wood chips in your garden is that they can help immensely with improving the moisture retention of your soil. This is a common problem that is faced by outdoor plants, especially during the hotter, dryer weather. When soil retains moisture better, plants can grow and will be able to use more moisture even on the hottest of days. 


Nutrients Released Over Time


Wood chips are popular with both novice and experienced gardeners alike because they release nutrients over time, providing a balanced base for plants to thrive in. The organic matter in the mulch formed by wood chips will break down slowly, helping to improve the health of your soil throughout the year. 


Improved Soil Temperature


The temperature of your soil is important to the overall fertility of your garden. If you add wood chips to your soil at the right depth, they will create an insulation layer which can reduce the shock of winter to your plants and trees. Your plants will remain healthy until spring arrives and during the hotter weather, will remain insulated, cool, and healthy. 


Stop Soil Erosion


One issue that can face many home gardeners is that of soil erosion. Using wood chips can help to create a barrier and defensive layer on the beds of your gardens. This will help to stop soil erosion from occuring, as the natural pieces of wood chips will lock together and prevent the soil from moving and eroding. 


Impede Weed Growth


Another benefit of using wood chips in your garden is that they can help to impede or slow down weed growth. This is because less sunlight can reach the roots and leaves of the weeds, leading to them not growing and even dying out. Be sure to only place wood chip mulch around existing trees and shrubs, as this layer might cause your seeds to struggle with the germination process. 


Pleasing Aesthetic


While wood chips are highly beneficial to the health of your soil, you will also find that they are beautiful to look at, especially if you have a more rustic and natural aesthetic in your garden. You can choose from large wood chips, which are popular with those who have an eclectic curb appeal, or smaller ones, ideal for a more polished lawn. 


Final Thoughts


Improving your garden can be as simple as adding wood chips to your soil. They can help to improve the moisture retention of your garden, build the nutrients in the soil, improve the soil temperature, and even stop weed growth. You can also create a stunning garden by layering wood chips in your garden beds for a rustic look. 

If you want to enhance the health of your garden with wood chips, contact Stanler Farms today to find out what we can offer you.