What Exactly is a Shrub?

The most noticeable difference between a tree and shrub, is that a shrub is small. They are woody plants that usually have many stems near the ground.  There are so many easy shrubs to grow in South Africa that we thought we would help highlight some of them for you.


easy shrubs south africa

A very popular shrub, roses are a firm favourite all over the world.  Coming in a huge array of options, you are certain to find the perfect rose bush that works for you.  Roses are so popular that they have been ‘bred’ to create a bunch of new and exciting varieties.

Provided your roses have a sunny location with good drainage, they will bring many years of happiness.  During the summer months, be sure to keep your soil nice and damp.


easy shrubs south africa

Native to South Africa, we should be so proud of this super shrub.  The colours of a Bougainvillea are vibrant and can brighten up any space.  Magento is the most popular colour, however orange, yellow, pink and purple are some of the other one’s around.

Preferring drier soil than roses, Bougainvillea is easy to grow, they just need a bit of maintenance.  The bigger they get, the stems can overtake areas of the garden.  Nothing that a good pruning can’t sort out. Often used against a wall, Bougainvillea are perfect for hiding unsightly areas of your garden.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

easy shrubs south africa

One of my personal top notch shrubs.  Not only is the fragrance delightful, but it is a beautiful shrub too.  The flowers change colour every each day, lasting about 3 days in total. White, lilac and purple flowers will pop up all over this shrub, bringing beauty and fragrance into your garden.

Easy to grow with a spectacular result – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is a popular shrub and and easy shrub to grow in South Africa.

Blue Potato Bush 

blue potato bush

This delightful bush brings forth beautiful purpley blue flowers during the summer time.  Tthe blue potato bush also grows well in direct sun, but will also be quite happy in a semi shaded area.  Not requiring a lot of water it is an easy shrub to establish in your garden.  Although a shrub, the potato bush can grow up to 2m in height.  

Hydrangea Shrubs 


Hydrangea’s come in a beautiful array of colours. Most popular are the soft purple, pinks, blues, and whites coming in a lovely big bunch.  An easy to grow shrub, Hydrangea’s do prefer shade over the full sun and slightly moist soil. Often planted in rows, Hydrangea’s mass of flowers and green foliage make it a popular shrub to fill up garden beds or hide unattractive backgrounds. 

Cape Honeysuckle 

cape honeysuckle

These evergreen shrubs are dotted all over South Africa – most commonly found in Cape Town, hence the name. Offering yellow, red and orange flowers, its sweet nectar is an all-time favourite for bees and our dear hummingbirds.  Depending on how you would like the outcome of your Cape Honeysuckle to look  as it is often used as a vine or a freestanding bush – an annual pruning is suggested. 

Golden Dewdrops (Duranta) 


The Duranta or Golden Dewdrops as it is more commonly known is a versatile shrub. Used for creating borders, hedges or space fillers, this shrub is certainly eye catching.  With very light pale almost neon (golden) green leaves it really stands out anywhere it is placed.