There are so many easy gardening tools out there that can help you maintain your garden without too much effort.  However, when walking into your favourite garden nursery it can be quite hard to decide which tools to get as there are so many different ones available. Here are three easy gardening tools that will make your gardening time a joy.

Pruning Shears – Bypass Pruner

There are three different types of pruners, namely, Bypass pruners, Anvil Pruners and Pruning snips.  The bypass pruner is the most common and familiar, perfect if you only want to buy one type of pruner to get the job done.

This pruning shear makes a very clean, sharp cut.  The shape of the shears allows you to have quite a precise cut to not damage the tissue on either side of stem.

bypass pruner

Garden Shovel / Hand Trowel

Until recently I always called my garden shovel a spade. but this is technically incorrect.  Just like I educated myself, I shall fill you in.

A shovel is longer, and the blade is curved to use more like a scoop.  A spade is shorter and has a flat, usually square-shaped blade.  A garden shovel is most common with a short handle, while a spade usually has a long handle.  Having a garden shovel as part of your ‘gardening toolkit’ is going to make planting, digging, and repotting so much easier.

garden shovel

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are essential. Not only do gardening gloves protect your hands from accidental scrapes and cuts, but they keep off the dirt.  Your hands do great work in the garden (sometimes the best) compared to gardening tools. Keep them protected, get stuck in the soil and use your hands to spread the love in your garden.


gardening gloves

There are a host of gardening supplies that can benefit you and your garden. Start with a few essentials and grow your gardening tools as you need them.