Things are easing up and water is more freely available.  We thought it would be good to give you some tips on how to look after and maintain your lush green grass. Thankfully Cape Town has managed to survive the terrible drought that caused many beautiful things to go brown that were once bonny and green. Read More to help you maintain your green grass.

How Often Should you Cut Grass?

Cutting your grass at least every 2 weeks is recommended, especially during the winter months. By cutting your grass at least every second week you are not only promoting new growth.  But also allowing the grass to grow thicker and stronger with each snip. Be careful to also not cut the grass too short as this can prevent the grass from growing at all. This often occurs when the lawnmower cuts at new shoots and roots.

How Often Should you Water Grass?

When the clouds open up and shower down on our gardens the grass is generally receiving enough water and nutrients to promote natural growth. However this generally only ever happens over the winter months here in Cape Town. A good watering during the summer months is therefore needed.  Ideally, your grass needs 25mm of water per week, this works out to a good soaking 2-3 times a week, rather than daily. Watering too often can cause your grass to have a shallow root system which will dry out faster.  By giving it a good watering every other day you are making your grass stronger and more drought tolerant.

Get in touch with Stanler Farms for tips and advice on how to look after your grass, we also have the perfect  Lawn Dressing to give your grass a good boost!