Becoming self-sustainable is a growing passion amongst many of us when it comes to growing our own produce.  Those of you who are trying to grow delicious fruit and vegetables may have a problem. Not caterpillars, weavils or mice, but birds. How to stop birds eating your plants can be easy as pie if you know what to do.

Whether you just have a few tomatoes growing, or a large vegetable garden, birds are watching and waiting to eat them.  Understandably the birds are checking out the lovely food growing before them and want a piece of the action.

You may love having the birds around your garden for the love of nature and their beautiful chirps. If this is the case then directing the bird’s attention elsewhere is in everyone’s best interest. Below are some handy tips and tricks you can do to keep those birds from eating your homegrown produce.

Christmas Decor

One of the easiest ways to ‘scare’ off the birds from the immediate area is by putting up something shiny. A great way is taking tinsel and any Christmas decorations that have a sparkle to them. Pop them up amongst your veggies and you will find the birds will move away from the vicinity.

Bird Bath & Bird Feeder

Birds need water and food – provide it for them. It might sound contradictory, but research has proven otherwise. Where you veggies are growing ensure there is a bird bath available, as well as some nice nibbles. Arrange a bird bath or fountain in the area of your vegetables along with some bird feeders, with a selection of seeds.  This way the birds will be inclined to drink and eat what you provide for them, rather than what you are growing for yourself.


If you have seedlings or smaller vegetable patches that do not cover a large area, then netting is a great solution.  By covering the veggies with netting you are not only getting rid of the birds, but insects too. It can be a bit tricky to set up as you need to be able to easily access your veggies. There are many DIY options online to show you just how this can be achieved, easily. 

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