Decorating your garden is a fun and relaxing experience, especially once you have chosen the perfect plants, shrubs, and flowers. Adding in extra elements such as raised garden beds, potted plants, and decorative stones can help to elevate your garden, whether it is a small space or a large one. 

When you are using decorative stones, be sure to plan how you would like to arrange them, as this will help to guide you and make the process easier. You might find that you prefer an intricate pattern over a simple one, or you could decide to choose certain colours for certain areas. Below are some top tips on how to use decorative stones in your garden. 


Different Colours For Different Areas


If you have a garden with multiple levels or groups of certain plants in certain areas, you can use decorative stones to designate separate areas in your garden. For example, you might have an are specifically for succulents in your garden. You can highlight this by using dark brown stones around the plants to highlight their stunning natural colours. 

If you would like to deter people from walking on the grass of your garden, you can create a path for them to use by using brown or white stones. Designating different areas in your garden can also make it feel larger, which is ideal for smaller gardens. Be sure to choose colours that match well with one another and that suit the rest of your landscape design. 


Bright White For Better Zen


For those who would like to create a more zen, relaxing back yard, you can use bright white decorative stones for a more “zen” look. You could create raised garden beds and fill these with white stones for a unique look. You could also combine dark grey and bright white pebbles into a pattern on a flat area of your garden. 

To enhance this aesthetic, you can add water features and warm-white solar lighting amongst the stones so that the white stones can reflect the light and create the perfect ambience for an evening in the garden. Be sure to keep the white stones clean so that your zen garden looks fresh year-round. 


Make It Low-Maintenance


One of the best ways to use decorative stones in your garden is to create a low-maintenance outside area. This is ideal for people who would like an outside space but do not want the hassle of dealing with maintaining grass or plants. Having stones in your garden instead of grass will make it easier for you to maintain while still being beautiful.

You could also combine these stones with stepping stones for a nuanced design. Choose colours that match well with one another to create an attractive design. If you would like to introduce plants into your garden at some stage, you 

If you would like to introduce plants into your garden with the decorative stones, be sure to dig the soil to let in oxygen and use compost as well as topsoil to reintroduce any nutrients that may have been lost. Decorative stones are ideal for those who want to create a water-wise garden too, as you will not have grass or too many plants to water. 


Add Extra Details


Decorative stones can be used for many different applications in your garden. You can use them to designate different areas for an eye-catching design or to make sure that your garden is not destroyed by people walking on the grass. You could also make use of decorative stones in a bright white for a unique, zen aesthetic. 

If you prefer a more low-maintenance garden, decorative stones can help you to create this. You can have an easy-to-maintain garden without losing any of the charm and beauty of an outdoor space. Be sure to choose stones that match the rest of the garden aesthetic and that complement the design of your garden. Speak to Stanler Farms today to find out more.