As someone who has only recently acquired a garden, I found the event inspiring and fascinating, leaving with plenty of ideas with what to do with my own space to add value to my home. So how can you increase the appeal and value of your garden? The first things that are likely to come to mind – plants and flowers, lighting, furniture, etc, are perhaps rather intuitive, but also rather important.  A well-maintained and lit garden will be worth a lot more in terms of adding potential value to a property.

But if you are planning on selling in the future, remember that something too swanky might not be to the taste of the buyer. Well cut grass, a patio area with some lanterns and nice garden furniture all tick the boxes. A nice, well-kept garden can add 20% to the value of your home. The easier it looks to maintain also contributes to the desirability. You wouldn’t want potential buyers to think they will have to slave away to maintain the good looks of their outdoor space.

Privacy is important and the more the feeling of seclusion, the better for the sale. In most areas (aside from highways) you can bring your fence up to 2 metres without requiring any additional permission. Whilst you are at it, why not add a fresh lick of paint to the fence making it look newer, better kept and updated?

A decked area will create the illusion that there is more space in between the indoors and the garden (grass) area. Buyers are likely to pay more for more space and therefore making the most of the space, or maximising the feel of it, could pay off.  Another useful tip, which is as much for the outdoor space as for the inside, is to keep the spaces well defined.

You might want to have a BBQ area on one-end and seating/eating area on another – any greenhouse on a different end. Setting defined spaces can help buyers picture themselves doing the specific things that section of the garden brings to mind.

We have a stunning nursery available on our Cape Town grounds, so why not pop in and have a chat with our resident horticulturists about how best to take care of your garden?