Decorative stone – also known as gravel or bagged rock – can fulfil a number of different roles in your garden. Maybe you do not want to create an actual rock garden but you like the idea of combining the stone with plants and other elements in your garden to frame and structure the space in a way that appeals to you.

Gravel, rocks and other small stones can all be used to decorate the garden. Pebbles are not only a great way to create garden paths, but also to remove the pesky weeds, they also won’t interfere with trees and bushes. If you want to build a garden fountain, stream or pond then you will need a pond liner and gravel. Polished stones or black ones can also look very attractive.

Larger stones are also used in garden design. You can consider using these decoratively or as a building material. Large rocks are very interesting when they have an asymmetrical shape. You can also use stones of small and medium-sizes and combine them to create a stylish look. Moss, thyme and other floor coverings between the two will be great. The stones work perfectly in combination with different colors and sizes. A stone wall is a popular supplement and looks more natural. If you want to complete the beautiful design of the garden with stones, you can also use a bench and stone figures.

Decorative Stone Tips for Gardens

Here are some tips to purchase decorative stones:

  • If you need your stone delivered, factor in the cost (if any) to your budget.
  • Buying a larger pack will usually mean greater value than several smaller bags.
  • Avoid weed infestation by laying landscape fabric under the stone.
  • If adding decorative stone to a steep hill, choose a heavier stone that is not too rounded in shape, so it is less likely to gradually roll away.

If you prefer a more low-maintenance garden, decorative stones can help you to create this. Be sure to choose stones that match the rest of the garden aesthetic and that complement the design of your garden. Speak to Stanler Farms today to find out more.