Off you trot to Stanler Farms and purchase a beautiful array of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees…now how do you keep them looking and feeling as good as they did when you took them home from the nursery.

5 Things all Plants Need

There are 5 essential things that every plant needs in order to grow and survive.

  • Sunlight
  • Correct Temperature
  • Water
  • Air
  • Nutrients

If your plant is missing one of these lifelines, there are some signs you can look out for to see if your plant is happy or sad. Here we look at a few:

Leaf Tips are Turning Yellow or Brown

Leaves turning brown or yellow is generally a sign that your plant is thirsty and in need of water OR you have unfortunately overwatered it.  When the tips of your leaves change colour, your plant is in distress and showing you a sign.  Handy Tip – If the leaves are they soft and limp,  your plant has received too much water; if they are dry and crispy leaves – too little water.

Older leaves often yellow and fall off the plant as part of the natural ageing process, but if this is occurring frequently and to a new, young plant, your plant is asking for help.

Wilting Leaves

Wilting leaves can sometimes be quite confusing..the first tip is to stick your finger straight into the soil to see whether it is dry or wet.  You need to feel about 2-3cm below the surface to get a good idea of the soil’s condition.

If the soil is quite wet, it is probably under stress due to root rot. Have a look at the roots, if they look healthy, white or light brown they are still good and you might be able to save the plant, however, if they are falling apart when you touch them, mushy and turning dark brown these are signs of rot.

You are not alone in trying to figure all of this out yourself – With Stanler Farms, home visits can be arranged with our horticulturists for advice on troublesome gardens.