Growing plants, vegetables and even trees can work differently if they are planted in pots or directly in the ground.  One of the main factors on how they grow and flourish depends on where they are planted, or planted in.

The biggest difference between plants in pots or in the ground is the space available, and water retention.

Pots will often heat up faster and cool down quicker than soil in the ground. Temperature fluctuations can cause root damage and of course compromise overall plant growth. Pots generally dry up faster and their water retention is less than growing plants in the ground.  This is mainly due to the potting soil which is denser than ground soil. Not all plants can handle the difference in fluctuating temperatures and require more space than pots allow.

When using pots it is also recommended to keep them off the ground especially outside, as wet weather can cause rot and mildew to build up from receiving too much water, which can be devastating to whatever you may be growing in your pot.

Space, and more space – pots don’t offer a lot of growing room and all the nutrients need to be shared amongst whatever you have growing in them. It is important to pay careful attention to what you plant in pots vs in the ground, in order for them to be happy plants.

All in all and quite simply it is important to know what plants, trees and vegetables do well in pots and which do not.  For expert advice on what goes best where contact Stanler Farms and chat with our in house horticulturist to help you plant the right things in the best places!