We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Bulk bark is one of the most effective choices for mulch. It helps to absorb and retain moisture and is fantastic at keeping the soil cool when the weather is warm. It will also help to improve the texture of your soil in order to help with water retention.

Stanler Farms’ bulk bark is ideal for use around trees, shrubs, and in the garden beds that will not be disturbed too much. A mulch that has more wood in its makeup will last for a longer time than finer mulches and is able to better protect your soil from the harsh elements. Dust will no longer be an issue and during those windy Cape Town days, your garden will remain safe and you can use your green thumbs to your heart’s content.

Our bark is an organic form of mulch and can easily improve the fertility and nutrient content of your soil. It helps to prevent soil from being compacted and can aid with water drainage. Weeds and their seeds will be trapped in the bark, preventing them from germinating and growing.


  • The soil’s moisture will be better retained
  • It can be used to beautify garden beds and lawns 
  • Combine our bulk bark mulch with our compost for a stunningly fertile garden 
  • Our bark mulch nuggets are smaller and easier to manage for any size of garden


  • Soil will better retain moisture making for healthier plants
  • The organic compounds will break down over time, providing a slow-release of nutrients to your soil
  • Damage to your plants and soil in colder months will be reduced
  • Weeds are controlled easily and effectively when using bark mulch
  • Our bark mulch provides natural pest control

The bulk bark from Stanler Farms can help you to transform your garden into something truly special. You can keep your soil cool, fresh, and healthy with our organic mulch.