Having roses in your garden can make the space truly magical, as the air is filled with the sweet scent of climbing, rambling, heirloom, floribunda, hybrid tea, and miniature roses. However, while these blooms might seem delicate, there are numerous ways in which you can style them and landscape with them, especially if you use the right rose and shrub mix as your base. 

You should use an organic rose and shrub mix to ensure that your roses grow healthily no matter how you grow them. Once you have chosen the right rose and shrub mix, you can move on to thinking about how to landscape with the roses. If you are not sure where to start, below we give some fun ideas for landscaping with roses. 


All About The Arches


Rose-covered arches will never go out of style, and they can add an element of elegance and charm to any garden. You can use them to designate the start of a garden path or to set out separate different areas of your garden from one another. They are simple to create, especially if you have used an organic rose and shrub mix from the start to create healthy roses.

Below are some simple tips on creating a stunning arch using roses. 

  • Plant a climber rose on either side of an arch or arbour, as a single rose will not grow up, over, and  down either side 
  • Twine and tie the stems around this structure. Remember that more horizontal stems mean more flowers
  • Be sure to loosen the ties, cut old stems, and shorten existing stems when necessary
  • Try to use different varieties for added colour

Remember to maintain your roses throughout the year to ensure your arches are always beautiful and bright. 


Heavenly Hedges


Hedges can provide necessary protection and division in gardens, but they can be somewhat stark without any colour. You can introduce some colour and vibrancy by creating a hedge out of roses- and it is not difficult to do. Add some rose and shrub mix to the soil of your hedge to ensure that your roses grow well

Creating a hedge of roses involves purchasing roses in containers for easier laying out the roses in evenly and without having to spend hours staking out a straight line with string. Using roses in containers, you will need to go along the area where you want your hedge and dig holes slightly larger than the containers for ample growth space. Choose English roses for hedges due to the way in which they grow, as this will ensure an even distribution of roses


Pretty Pot Plants


If you have a smaller garden space but still want to enjoy beautiful roses, you can plant them in pots without damaging the roots or blooms. You will need to add a rose and shrub mix to your topsoil to ensure that the roses have enough nutrients, and be sure to purchase a large enough pot for your roses to grow and spread in. 

Below are some tips for planting roses effectively in pots. 

  • Choose a large pot, especially if you will be planting climber roses
  • Ensure there are large drainage holes in the bottom of the container
  • Cover the bottom of the pot with bidem, then a layer of stones, and then a rose and shrub mix containing washed sand
  • Refresh the potting soil and mix every year after pruning
  • Water your roses every day regardless of the weather to ensure healthy roses

Planting your roses as pot plants is an effective way for those with a small garden to enjoy the blooms, but be sure to follow proper care so they do not wither too easily. 


Creative Climbing Roses


 Climbing roses can be used in almost any garden, and are ideal for decorating plain walls of houses or even for arches. You can plant climbing roses next to walls and allow them to grow freely for a wild and rustic appearance, or you can prune and trim them for a more manicured, traditional aesthetic. 

You will need to provide support for the roses with a trellis and a base of a rich, organic rose and shrub mix. Then, you should tie stems to this trellis for added support, and ensure it cannot easily tear away from the wall with the weight of the plant. Make sure to prepare deep, large holes for your roses and water the roses regularly, as well as changing the organic compost every few months. 


Everything’s Coming Up Roses


Roses can be used to transform your garden into a delicately scented oasis, the perfect escape from the rat-race. You can use climbing roses to brighten up dull walls and garden arches, plant them in brightly coloured pots to bring vibrancy to a small garden, or you can plant a hedge or English roses for added charm in your garden. 

If you would like to add roses to your garden, contact Stanler Farms today to find out about our compost and rose and shrub mixes.