A healthy garden starts with healthy soil, but many of us are not sure when and why to use compost in our gardens. We know it is good for our gardens, but for those who are new to the world of gardening, there are some unknowns that might make this addition to their garden a little bit confusing. 

When you are investing in compost for your garden, there are likely questions you would like to be answered. Knowing when to use it can help to ensure that your garden grows healthily, and understanding why you should use compost will make your gardening journey easier and more effective. Below we look and when and why to compost your garden. 


Why Should I Use Compost?


As a new and inexperienced gardener, you are probably wondering why you should use compost in your garden. It might sound like something that only established gardeners use, but it is vital for the health of any garden, whether you have just started growing plants or if you have a flourishing garden. 


Improve Your Soil Structure


Many gardens do not start out with great soil. However, this can be improved by adding compost to the soil, as it can help to improve the soil structure. It can improve stony, sandy, wet, or even compacted soil. The water-holding capacity, texture, and fertility will be improved and your soil will become the ideal home for plants. 


Balanced Source Of Nutrients


Yoru soil will likely not remain balanced, rich, or productive without having the nutrients replenished, which is where compost can come in handy. It can provide the full spectrum of nutrients that you need for your garden to flourish, such as carbon, nitrogen, and water. These nutrients are released gradually, providing a balanced base for your plants to grow in. 


When Should I Use Compost?


Many novice gardeners have heard about the benefits of using compost, but not all of them know when the best time is to use it. When using organic compost, you will need to look at the condition of the materials and look at how far they are into being broken down before you use it. 


Creating New Garden Beds


One of the best times to use compost is when you are creating new garden beds or creating a garden bed for the first time. You should take the extra time and trouble to double-dig your it into your soil, as this can contribute to a lighter, loamy soil, ideal for growing plants and vegetables. Once you have completed double-digging, you will not have to do it again, and your new garden bed will continue to flourish. 


Adding To An Existing Garden


If you already have a growing garden, you can use compost to enhance and improve it. This can be done by adding a layer a few centimetres away from the plants in order to protect delicate plant stems from active microorganisms. If you are adding plants to an existing garden, you should use compost to ensure that both the new and current plants can reap the benefits of the nutrients. 


According To Weather


Using compost according to the weather can help to protect your delicate plants from inclement conditions. During the cooler seasons, you should add compost to your garden at least two weeks to one month before it starts, so the nutrients can easily be released before the cold conditions. When the weather becomes a bit warmer, you should add it two weeks before the warm season officially starts, as the heat will help it to break down and release its nutrients. 


Choose Compost


Knowing when and why to use compost will help you to build an established ad healthy garden. It will help to improve your soil structure and provide a balanced source of nutrients. Be sure to use it for new garden beds, but remember that it can also be effective for an established garden. Use your compost according to the weather and seasons for optimal results. 

If you would like to use organic compost in your garden, contact Stanler Farms today to find out more about our offerings.