The garden is often the pride and joy of many South African homeowners, especially thanks to our beautiful sunny climate. If you would like to have continuous, effortless beauty and colour in your garden, you should invest in perennials. These are plants that grow year after year, without needing to be replaced or replanted.

You should plant your perennials in mushroom compost for rich and healthy soil. This compost will ensure that the soil is rich in humus, making for the perfect base for painting your garden with pretty perennials. Not sure where to start for a unique perennial garden? Below are some of the top plants to choose from.

Gaura lindheimeri

The Gaura lindheimeri is a stunning plant and is great value for money. They do not need much attention and will thrive in organic compost. The Gaura Iindeimeri are plants that need a lot of sun, but can also easily handle frosty conditions. They have pretty pink flowers that start blooming in spring that continue until winter.

If you would like to improve their vigour, cut them down to the ground in winter and they will spring back with renewed vibrancy. Be sure to monitor these stunning blooms to ensure you are providing them with enough water and sunlight. Overwatering can damage these delicate plants.

Blue Marguerite

The Blue Marguerite is beloved for its unique sky-blue colour and is sure to thrive when using topsoil enriched with important nutrients. There are different variations, including the Alba’ which has pure white and the Felicia ‘Variegata’, which has blue daisies with green and white variegated leaves.

These flowers will bloom year-round and prefer warmer climates. There will be sporadic blooming after spring and summer. Blue Marguerites do need watering and you should always use an organic compost rather than a synthetic one. Pairing the blue and white variations together can create a truly gorgeous effect in your garden, with little to no effort.


Agapanthus is arguably one of the most popular perennials in South Africa, and for good reason. It is indigenous and has a unique, rich blue, almost indigo, colour that will make your garden stand out. Planting this in organic mushroom compost will ensure that it thrives throughout the year, even when the climate is drier than usual.

Agapanthus can be planted either in full sun or in semi-shade, but ideally not in full-shade as these pretty purple plants prefer to have a bit of sunlight on their blooms. When planted in a large group, the display can be truly breathtaking. These are low maintenance plants, but this does not mean that you should forget about them completely.

Magnolia grandiflora

The Magnolia grandiflora or “Little Gem” is a popular perennial choice in smaller gardens, but it can be also be used to bring interest to larger gardens. Prepare your garden before planting this tree by spreading topsoil and mushroom compost to enrich the soil. This tree blooms year-round and produces flowers with a delightful scent.

When the flowers fade, you will find cone-shaped seed heads start appearing, maintaining visual interest. You will not need to perform regular pruning and the Little Gem can be planted in both sun and semi-shade. Because these trees are more compact, they are ideal for pot-plants and even balcony gardens.


The Gazania is another popular perennial choice, and is known for having brightly coloured blooms that continue from spring well into autumn. Their colours range from bright and vibrant to calm and pastel, and grouping them together can create a stunning display. They love full sun but be sure to water them as needed so they do not perish.

Gazanias can grow up to 30cm tall and 20cm wide, making them ideal for larger gardens. If you do not have a large enough space for these flowers, plant a few in a garden bed or corner plot to add some visual interest year-round. Pops of colour dotted around your yard will make even the dreariest of gardens come to life, all with little to no hassle.

Paint With Perennials

If you are a beginner in the garden or you would like your yard to bloom for more than one season, you should plant some perennials. They are easy to maintain and often do not require as much maintenance as other plants. There are many that have bright colours that will provide your garden with some bright pops of colour throughout the year.

Starting your own garden can be tricky, so be sure you have the right compost, topsoil and organic fertiliser for your plants. These should be the base of any garden, whether you are planting perennials or prefer to keep your garden as seasonal as possible.