Compost Cape Town

We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Using compost in your garden is one of the most effective methods of creating a fertile and healthy garden. Stanler Farms provides weed-free, organic compost across Cape Town. It is the ideal start for every garden because it naturally increases the humus in the soil, allowing for the release of nutrients for plants and the growth of essential microbes.

Our mushroom compost can increase the water absorption capacity of the soil and can break down the clay found in many soils. The nutrient density of your soil will be significantly increased, making for a more fertile garden bed. The soil surface will not easily be compacted, helping to encourage worms to create crumbly soil for better moisture retention.

Mushroom compost is highly beneficial for Cape Town gardens due to its rich nutrient content, which includes essential elements like nitrogen and phosphorus. It improves soil structure, aiding in water retention and drainage—an important feature for regions like Cape Town where water conservation is crucial. The compost contributes organic matter, promotes microbial activity, and helps balance pH levels. Additionally, its use suppresses weed growth, supports sustainable gardening practices by recycling agricultural byproducts, and fosters a healthier, more robust garden ecosystem.


  • It is an organic product that releases and increases the humus in the soil
  • It contains vital nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.
  • Compost can build a fertile base for encouraging the growth of microbes which make organic nutrients for plants
  • The plants will be healthier and will not be susceptible to pests and diseases
  • Organic compost helps plants to better retain water
  • This compost is scientifically produced by using spent mushrooms grown in compost in order to create superior organic fertiliser


  • Your soil will become living and healthy as it is enriched with beneficial micro-organisms
  • Our compost for grass can help to build a good root structure to allow for better plant growth
  • No extra fertilisers are needed, which means that you will have less maintenance to perform
  • It is highly affordable and also provides an excellent return on investment
  • Stanler Farms’ lawn dressing makes use of this nutrient-dense, weed-free compost in our lawn dressing, combining it with washed sand for optimal drainage
  • Your soil will be neutralised, making it an ideal growing environment for any range of plants, flowers, or grasses

Our compost is the ideal solution for improving the structure of the soil, helping to boost the absorbency of the soil and minimising your need for watering. It can be used for any plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.