Pruning trees has a number of benefits, not all of them as well known as one would think. In part 1 of our pruning benefits, we gave some tips on how pruning can promote growth as well as some basic steps on how to prune for beginners.

Here we look at some other amazing benefits that pruning promotes and how to tackle them.

Promote Plant Health

By pruning your trees and shrubs you are removing dead and dying branches, and by doing so you allow room for new growth, by promoting the plant’s natural shape.  Your trees and shrubs will live longer, be happier and of course, they will be healthier and easier to look after in the long run.

Protect Your Property

For those of you who have bigger trees in your garden or big shrubs lining your driveway or entrance to your work property. It is important to make sure that you prune your trees and shrubs quite regularly to prevent the risk of damage to structures that can arise due to a storm. Keeping your garden neat and tidy also reduces the risk of snakes and vermin moving in, as it makes the habitat that they are looking for too thrive less inviting.