Succulents really are easy to care for. Even though the variety of succulents is massive, they are all pretty easy to have indoors or outdoors and require almost no maintenance.Succulents are on the up and up. With more and more people realizing just how attractive and easy to care for these parts of nature really are.  With such a large variety to choose from, your garden can look beautiful all year round, just with succulents. 

Watering Succulents

Succulents are marvellous at retaining water, therefore they generally only need to be watered every second or third day in Summer. In winter most succulent plants go into ‘hibernation and are dormant during the colder months. Watering once a week is usually sufficient to keep these super plants happy. It is important to note that succulent plants prefer water directly to their soil, and prefer not to be sprayed with water.


Succulents need sunlight, just like all other plants. If placed outdoors they love up to 6 hours of full sun a day! Introducing succulents to direct sunlight for long periods of time is something you may need to do gradually, as direct exposure to sunlight for newly planted succulents, can cause them to scorch and burn.

Succulents change colour 

Did you know that succulents can change colour depending on the amount of sunlight they get?  It is very common for the same succulent to feature entirely different colours dependent on the environment.  For instance, a paddle plant would look more green with red tips if located in a more shady area. A paddle plant receiving more direct sunlight will show more deep red throughout their leaves and a lot less green.  

Certain succulents are therefore often mistaken for other varieties, just because of their ability to adapt to their surroundings. More colour, is often the succulents way of changing to adapt to the sunlight it has received, by protecting and turning it to a darker shade. 

Succulents Indoors

Succulents are so easy to maintain they will also happily thrive indoors. Ensuring you place them in a room with enough sunlight, and remember to water them every few days.
Although succulents do well indoors, it is important to remember the following: 

  • Pots take longer to dry out that pots outside 
  • Don’t overwater the succulents
  • Ensure you don’t place them to close to direct light through windows as they can burn 

Succulent Soil 

As succulents are considered water wise plants. It is important that the soil is favourable.  Succulents do best in loose soil, with plenty of perlite or pumice mixed into the soil.   Perlite can also be used on its own when propagating young succulents. With such a wealth of different succulents available in South Africa, there is no reason not to get planting. 

They easily adapt to their living environment and make for super easy low maintenance indoor plants.

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