With humanity’s need to create more self-sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyles, growing vegetables fit right into the pack. Growing your own vegetables can be very easy. With most vegetables doing very well in pots or veggie boxes, you do not need a big open space to get your veggies going. There is quite a large variety of vegetables you can plant in winter.  There are a few that stand out, that are easy to manage and you don’t have to have a green thumb to start planting.

Vegetables to Plant in Winter

Carrots & Turnips

Carrots and Turnips are incredibly hardy and do well all year round.  It has even been said that carrots that grow in winter taste better than carrots grown in warmer weather.  Carrots & turnips are happy in most containers, just ensure that your pot is big enough to accommodate the roots of your these root vegetables (depending on the variety you grow)


Soups, sides, mains or own their own. Onions are little gems that go with just about anything.  Onions are able to survive very cold temperatures and can quite easily be left alone during the winter months to do their thing.  Averaging 3 months to reach maturity, it is really rewarding and easy to grow your own.


The only difficult thing about growing your own garlic, is waiting for your crop to be ready.  Garlic can take up to 9 months to reach maturity, however, they are a super easy vegetable to grow.  Traditionally a garlic bulb is planted in soil as oppose to the seeds which take much longer to germinate.


Even if you have very little experience in growing vegetables, cauliflower can be considered quite an easy option. Tolerant of very cold temperatures, this super vegetable can be grown all year round.

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