With a large number of South African’s living in townhouses or flats, more and more avid plant lovers are having to give up their garden space.  Container gardening is the answer, and it is much easier than you think. 

Easy container gardening in South Africa can be achieved with a few pots and the right plants.  With so many imaginative and creative ways of using pot plants nowadays, your options are actually endless. 

Patios, balconies and terraces can be easily brought to life with versatile and exciting ways of hanging and using pots. 

Pot Container Checklist 

Ensuring you have the right pots for your given area, will certainly assist in keeping the plants you choose remaining healthy.   

  1. Cleanliness – Keep your pots clean to prevent insects, pests and diseases from invading your pot plants 
  2. Drainage Holes – You need to make sure your pots have drainage holes to prevent waterlogged plants which can happen so easily. 
  3. Sufficient sunlight – Place your pots in the right area depending on the type of plant in the pot.  
  4. Water sufficiently – Different pots dry out faster than others. Keep a close eye on the soil moisture 

Repot your plant – Keep an eye on plant growth to determine if a repot is necessary  

Soil & Sunlight 

The soil you use in your pots, do not necessarily have to differ from the soil you would use outside.  However it is recommended to add compost and fertilizer to ensure your plants are receiving the nutrients they need. 

As plants in pots specifically adjust to their surroundings, they often grow towards the sunlight. As you see the parts of the plants flourishing towards the sunlight, it is a good idea to rotate your pots to have the plants grow evenly. 

Turning your veranda, stoep or balcony into a delightful haven of colour is easy to achieve with so many options nowadays. Not sure what plants would work well in pots, particularly indoors – have a read through this handy article – Easy Indoor Plants.