We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Compost is one of the most important components for a lush and fertile garden. Stanler Farms’ compost in Durbanville is weed-free and organic, providing the perfect base for any garden. It is able to naturally increase the humus in the soil, helps to release nutrients into the soil as well as grows microbes to improve the structure and makeup of the soil. 

One of the major advantages of our compost is that it increases the water retention capability of the soil, breaking down the clay in the soil. Soil surface will also not easily be compacted, which can help to encourage worms to enter the soil and make it crumbly, which is ideal for moisture absorption in the hot South African climate. 

Combining all of these elements can build a fecund environment for all plants and grasses. Soil erosion will also be eliminated because of an improved soil structure and stronger plant root growth. Buy your very own compost in Durbanville today!


  • Our compost in Durbanville is a natural product which can increase the humus in the soil for improved fertility 
  • This compost is rich in essential nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium 
  • It will help to provide a sound base for the active growth of microbes which allows organic nutrients to be more available for plants 
  • Plants will be less susceptible to diseases and pests, as well as harmful elements 
  • Water-retention is improved, which helps to build crumblier soil for better fertility 
  • There are no harmful chemicals added, which makes for a scientifically-proven and more effective organic fertiliser


  • Using compost helps with waste management and can decrease your carbon footprint
  • Your soil will become healthier  because it has been enriched with more beneficial micro-organisms
  • The porous levels of the soil will be improved, making for better drainage and root structure 
  • Water-retention is improved which will help to prevent soil erosion 
  • The alkaline levels in your soil will be improved, making it an ideal growing environment for almost al vegetation
  • Stanler Farms makes use of our own compost in our lawn dressing, providing a balanced mixture of weed-free mushroom compost and washed river sand for ultimate drainage

For gardeners who are looking to reduce the amount of water they use, our compost is the ideal solution. Your soil structure will drastically improve and your water usage will decrease. You can use it for almost any plant for a gorgeous green garden.