Climber plants have weak stems, naturally, they need some form of support structure to climb.  Climber plants and creeper plants are often placed in the incorrect environment or structure, which can lead to them not showing off what they are truly capable of.  Creeper plants grow along the soil horizontally, while climbers grow upwards, vertically.  In South Africa we have a large array of different types of climber plants that can light up any garden.

Golden Pothos

Often climber plants can also be used for in hanging baskets, with their leave trailing down.  The Golden Pothos is a good example of just this.  A popular hanging plant, easy to grow and easy to manage, Pothos is often found with its leaves trailing down.  However, in its natural habitat, Pothos are naturally climbing plants.  If given the right structure to hold onto, even if in a hanging basket, the little tendrils that form below each leaf have actually got strong ‘suckers’ that will attach themselves to a structure and climb up as opposed to trailing down.

golden pothos

English Ivy

Although the English Ivy is classified as a climber, English Ivy is used for groundcover and wall cover. It can grow just about anywhere and is often used ‘hide’ unsightly areas in your garden.  Growing well in shady or sunny areas, Ivy will grow where other plants have struggled. English Ivy grows quickly and is an easy addition to any new garden.

english ivy


Most popular for its beautiful flowers, these vines are grown. This climber plant is very easy to wind around staircases, wall trellis and fences.   It is important to cut back your Clematis once the flowers have fallen.  This will assist with encouraging new growth for new shoots and stems to develop. Clematis do prefer wet soil and good compost, so be sure to keep this climber well nourished.


Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea’s aroma is one you cannot forget. A very lazy climber, the Sweet Pea needs a bit of encouragement to get the stems to climb. Not growing very tall, Sweet Pea’s are often used as a border along fences.  Available in a variety of colours from whites to purples, the Sweet Pea is a popular annual flower.

sweet pea

Black Eyed Susan 

Black eyed Susan is a wonderous growing vine. Requiring a vertical stand or trellis for support, this eye popping plant can grow up to 5m in height.  With the ability to spread and grow quickly, Black Eyed Susan is the perfect climber for covering a wide area. Loving full sun,this climber will do well in the hot South African sun, but will still tolerate some shade. 

Morning Glory 

A fast growing climber, Morning Glory, although invasive, can be your best friend. Often used in parts of the garden where you may be trying to hide an unsightly wall or area. Morning Glory makes for a beautiful backdrop. With shades of colour ranging from blues, purples, pinks and even whites. Your hanging baskets and walls will look absolutely spectacular. 

Star Jasmine 

A fragrance most are very familiar with. The Star jasmie climber not only has an amazing scent and delicate groups of flowers.  Star Jasmine climbers are green all year round.  Super for creating a camouflage over a fence or boundary wall. Whether in the ground or  in a pot, this climber is hardy and does really well! 


Perfect for a pergola, archway or homemade outdoor passageway. Wisteria is the vine to go for!  Well drained soil and direct sunlight will help this climber to bloom beautifully.  Flowering in Spring time, Wisteria’s cascades of flowers of blues and purples, always put a smile on one’s face. 

Bower of Beauty 

Bring some music to your garden with these charming trumpet flowers.  Easy to grow in full sun or semi shade, all this climber needs is some love. A magnificent green backdrop with soft pink flowers, with a darker pink centre.  The Bower of Beauty climber loves the South African climate, and is a wonderful addition to any space.