We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Topsoil for grass and other plants is a vital component of any gorgeous green garden. It is used for filling and levelling out an area before planting and for maintaining the integrity of the soil. Stanler Farms produces organically-enriched topsoil in Cape Town, with our unique combination being made up of 30 percent compost and 70 percent topsoil. 

The addition of compost helps plants to thrive and flourish, a well as producing a fertile base for any project. Our topsoil is markedly different from other options on the market as the extra compost produces additional nutrients for the soil and helps with boosting the overall drainage. 

Our topsoil is highly effective for those who have sandier soil, because the compost will help to improve the structure. This will help you to have a more level garden which is ideal for planning landscaping and planting projects.

Topsoil and lawn dressing are often confused for one another, but these are two different gardening products. Topsoil has been produced to nourish plant life by adding nutrients to the soil, sitting on top of the soil in order to grow plants and vegetation. Lawn dressing is a fine layer of soil that is used for planting new grass and levelling out areas of your lawn.


  • Because it is organic, our topsoil for grass and plants is high in much-needed natural materials and nutrients 
  • It can be used for levelling out an uneven patch of garden or plant-bed 
  • Topsoil can help with eliminating weeds from a plant- or flower-bed 
  • Topsoil can improve the structure of clay- or sand-based soil 
  • Your soil will become more fertile and your plants will have an improved growing base


  • Our mushroom compost will enrich your soil with nutrients and help to improve the integrity of your soil  
  • Plants will have better root growth, which means that your plants will be healthier and more nourished
  • Soil erosion will be reduced due to the healthier, deeper, root structures
  • Your soil quality will improve, allowing for better water retention and becoming more porous
  • Water run-off will be prevented, which is highly beneficial for plants and gardens

If you would like to cultivate a lush, verdant garden, you need the ideal start. Stanler Farms’ topsoil will help you to lay the foundation and create an oasis of green, fertile plants.