We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Lawn dressing is an important part of any beautiful garden. It is a mixture of Stanler Farms’ weed-free compost and washed sand. It is ideal for spreading on top of your current lawn in order to improve the nutrients and eliminate the stress of having weeds. 

If you are looking for lawn dressing in Cape Town, Stanler Farms is the ideal place to shop and offers services nationwide. We have created an easy-to-apply product that is made from a fine medium, meaning that it will not clump and can also be layered up in some places to level out an uneven lawn. 

Lawn dressing can help to raise low spots in your garden that might have been caused by erosion and can help to prevent compacted soil in high-traffic areas of your lawn. Lawn drainage, which can be tricky to achieve, will also be drastically improved, helping you to create a stunning and well-manicured lawn. 

The organic matter contained in Stanler Farms’ lawn dressing in Cape Town will break down over time, helping to replenish the soil with much-needed nutrients. Your lawn will become lush and green, blossoming and flourishing significantly. 

Lawn dressing and topsoil are often confused with one another, but the two products are nothing alike. Lawn dressing is applied solely on the top of your lawn whereas topsoil is used primarily as a filling or levelling agent before planting plants, trees, or flowers. Buy your very own lawn dressing in Cape Town today!


  • It is made from our organic weed-free compost and washed sand for optimum drainage
  • Can help to prevent compaction in high-traffic areas of your lawn
  • Adds nutrients to the soil
  • Because it is fine soil, lawn dressing will not weigh down your grass and cause uneven spots
  • It is organic and uses no harmful chemicals


  • Our lawn dressing is nutrient-enriched, meaning your grass and lawn will stay healthy and fecund for longer
  • Sandy soils can better retain moisture and will become more resilient to drought
  • Improved drainage will help to improve root development and will make for stronger grass and plants
  • The grass is encouraged to produce new shoots and this will result in denser grass coverage for weed prevention

If you want to improve the quality of your lawn and grow gorgeous grass, you need to start out with the right elements. Stanler Farms provides the perfect lawn dressing to help those with green thumbs grow a stunning green lawn.