We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Any keen gardener, beginner or otherwise, understands that good topsoil is key to a beautiful garden. Stanler Farms’ topsoil is full of nutrients that make it an ideal starting point for any garden in Centurion. It is ideal for filling and levelling an area before planting. Our topsoil is made by combining 30 percent compost with 70 percent topsoil. 

By adding this compost, plants are able to thrive and flourish, providing a fertile growing base for any project. Our topsoil is unique to the market because of this added compost, which allows it to provide additional nutrients to the soil and also improves the drainage of water.

Our topsoil is ideal for those who might have sandy soil, as the added compost can help to improve the structure of the soil. This will lead to a more level lawn, making it easy for you to create a stunning manicured lawn and improve an uneven garden

Often, topsoil will be confused with lawn dressing, but these are two different products. Topsoil is used to help sustain plants by adding extra nutrients to the soil. It is placed on top of the soil and is used for growing plants and vegetation. Lawn dressing is a fine layer of soil that is usually used for planting grass and evening out the level of your lawn.


  • Our topsoil is an organic product which is high in nutrients and other natural materials 
  • You can use it for levelling out an uneven patch of your garden or lawn 
  • Clay- or sand-based soil will have an improved structure by including our topsoil 
  • A more nutrient-rich topsoil will help your soil to become more fertile and help your plants to have a better start in their growth


  • The Stanler Farms topsoil uses mushroom compost, which is packed full of nutrients and can help to enrich your soil 
  • Topsoil can help to protect plants from damage as it helps the roots to grow and better absorb moisture 
  • You will use less water due to the fact that the compost in our unique topsoil retains moisture in between watering 
  • Plant roots will be more supported due to the improved structure of your soil
  • Better aerated soil will help to minimise any soil compaction

Every gardener dreams of having a wild and lush garden, and to achieve this you need to have the best possible growing base. Stanler Farms provides nutrient-rich, fertile topsoil to Centurion and nationwide, which you can use to achieve the garden of your dreams.