TOPSOIL in PRETORIA & Johannesburg

We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Improving the quality of your topsoil in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounds is vital to having a lush, green garden. Stanler Farms manufactures organically-enriched topsoil which is ideal for filling or levelling an area before planting. Our topsoil is made with a combination of 30 percent compost and 70 percent topsoil. 

By adding this compost, this will help your plants to thrive and will also produce a fertile base for growing any project, whether it is a flower bed or a vegetable garden. Our topsoil stands out from the crowd thanks to the compost providing additional nutrients to the soil and providing better drainage for water. 

Stanler Farms’ topsoil is also effective at improving the quality of sandy soil, as the compost will help to improve the structure. This will help you to have a more level lawn, ideal for landscaping projects and levelling out an uneven garden or pant bed. 

Topsoil and lawn dressing are often confused with one another, but the fact is that these are two different products. Topsoil is produced in order to sustain plant life by adding much-needed nutrients into the soil. It is used on top of the soil and is used for growing plants and other vegetation. Lawn dressing is a fine layer of soil that is used for levelling our lawns and also for planting new grass or improving current grass.


  • Because it is an organic product, it is high in nutrients and other natural materials 
  • It is perfect for levelling an uneven patch of garden or plant bed  
  • Soil that might be clay- or soil-based can be improved by adding compost-enriched topsoil 
  • Improved topsoil can help to improve the fertility of your soil and will provide your plants with the ideal start


  • Our mushroom compost is nutrient-rich and will enrich your soil and provide a solid root base for plants 
  • Your soil will retain and drain moisture effectively for the perfect growing environment
  • As the organic matter in the compost breaks down, more nutrients are released into the soil
  • Healthy topsoil helps plants to develop stronger roots which can help to reduce soil erosion

The perfect start will help you to grow the green garden of your dreams. Stanler Farms’ topsoil will provide more than just a foundation, it offers a rich environment for your plants to thrive in.