Compost in PRETORIA & Johannesburg

We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


Starting your garden with the right base is vital for having a beautiful, healthy oasis. With Stanler Farms’ organic compost in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounds, you will have a weed-free, organic base to start the perfect garden in. Our compost naturally increases the humus in the soil which, in turn, will allow microbes to grow and helps to release nutrients for your plants. 

Improving the water-retention capability of your soil is one of the most effective methods of creating a healthy garden. Our mushroom compost helps to increase the water-absorption ability of the soil and can help to break down any clay. This can reduce soil compaction and encourage worms in order to create a crumbly, absorbent soil. 

By making use of the Stanler Farms compost, nutrients are less likely to leach out of your soil, allowing plant roots to flourish and for you to create a beautiful green oasis. The compost that we produce is ideal for any plants and vegetation. Buy your very own compost in Pretoria today!


  • Increased humus in the soil for a better microbe release and growth 
  • High in essential components such as Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.
  • Encourages the active growth of microbes, which can help to increase the availability of nutrients for plants 
  • Plants will become stronger and less susceptible to pests and diseases 
  • Our compost helps to retain more water 
  • It has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of your soil


  • Beneficial micro-organisms are released into the soil, improving its health 
  • Optimal growth can be achieved thanks to the improved root structure of the plants 
  • The quality of the soil will be improved, helping to prevent further soil erosion
  • We use this impressive compost in our lawn dressing, which is a combination of our organic compost and washed river sand for optimal water retention 
  • We also add this compost to the Stanler Farms topsoil, enriching it with much-needed nutrients for using in plant beds

Because our compost is renowned for its water-retention abilities, it is popular among gardeners who are conscious of how much water they use. It helps to reduce your need for watering by effectively absorbing any moisture. Use our compost for your garden and see the results for yourself.