We are proud and confident of our products since 1975

we are proud and confident of our products


PRETORIA & Johannesburg

Lawn dressing is a vital component of any stunning lawn. Our lawn dressing in Pretoria & Johannesburg is a mixture of Stanler Farms’ weed-free compost and washed sand. It is perfect for spreading on top of your lawn in order to improve the nutrients and reduce the stress of having to deal with weeds. 

If you are looking for lawn dressing in Pretoria or Johannesburg, ours is the ideal choice to make. We have created an easy-to-apply product that is made from a fine medium, which prevents it from clumping in places. It can be layered up in some areas to create a more level lawn.  

Lawn dressing is highly effective at raising low spots in your garden that may have been caused by erosion. It can also be useful at preventing compacted soil in the high-traffic areas of your lawn. By making use of our lawn dressing, you will have better water drainage which can help with creating a stunning green, manicured lawn. 

Our lawn dressing contains soil-enriching organic matter, which will break down over time and help to replenish the soil and create a more fertile environment. Your lawn will become green and verdant, with grass, plants, and flowers flourishing and growing impressively. 

Often lawn dressing and topsoil will be confused with one another, but these are two different products. Lawn dressing is only applied on top of your lawn or grass, whereas topsoil is used in garden beds to fill or level them out before planting trees, plants, flowers, or other vegetation.


  • Our lawn dressing is made from a combination of our organic compost and washed, fine sand for better drainage 
  • Helpful for preventing possible compaction in high-traffic areas of your lawn
  • More nutrients are released into the soil
  • The fine soil in the lawn dressing will not weigh down your grass or cause uneven patches on your lawn 
  • No harmful chemicals are used in this organic lawn dressing


  • Your lawn surface will be smoother and more even
  • You can protect your grass during colder seasons
  • The organic, nutrient-rich matter is reintroduced to your lawn for better fertility

Having gorgeous green grass requires you to start out with the right base. Stanler Farms provides the optimal lawn dressing to help those who want to grow a wild and wonderful green lawn.