We are proud and confident of our products

we are proud and confident of our products


When you are starting your garden beds, raised flower-beds, or if you are even creating a base for your lawn, you need the right growing base. Stanler Farms’ topsoil in Durbanville is organically-enriched and nutrient-dense, providing the perfect option for filing or levelling an area before planting. Our topsoil is made up of a combination of 30 percent compost and 70 percent topsoil. 

By adding compost, plants are able to thrive and you will have a more fertile and fecund for any project. Our topsoil is superior to other products on the market due to this added compost, which offers extra nutrients to the soil and helps to improve the drainage. 

Our topsoil for grass and other plants is highly effective for sandy soil, helping to improve the structure and the moisture absorption abilities. This can help you to level out your garden and even landscape a manicured lawn and improve an uneven plant-bed. 

Topsoil and lawn dressing are often confused but they are two different products. Topsoil was created to nurture plants and add nutrients to the soil. It sits on top of the soil and is used for growing plants, vegetation, and even flowers. Lawn dressing is usually placed on top of the grass and is a fine soil layer. It is used to even out the level of your lawn and for growing new grass.


  • It is organic and contains all of the nutrients that plants need to survive 
  • It can be used for levelling out a plant-bed or uneven patch of your garden
  • Sand- or clay-based soil can be improved with the addition of our topsoil 
  • Your plants will have a fertile base to grow in and will flourish significantly


  • Our topsoil can be used to improve the structure of your lawn
  • Soil drainage will be improved due to the better root growth
  • The quality and fertility of your soil will improve due to the nutrients in our topsoil
  • Your soil will have improved inclement weather and drought resistance.

For those who want a wild and verdant garden, you need the perfect growing base. Stanler Farms’ topsoil in Durbanville provides more than just a rich foundation, it can help to provide a nutrient-rich environment for plants to thrive in.