We are proud and confident of our products

we are proud and confident of our products


Stanler Farms provides weed-free organic mushroom compost to Durbanville and throughout  Cape Town. Our compost provides the perfect foundation for any garden. It helps to naturally increase the humus in the soil which can help to grow important microbes and also releases nutrients into the soil. 

Our custom-created mushroom compost is effective at increasing the water-retention capacity of your soil and can also help to break down the clay in the soil. It aids in preventing soil compaction, encouraging worms to provide crumblier soil to improve water absorption. 

When all of these elements are combined, you will have a fertile environment for plants, grasses, and even flowers. 

You can build a fecund and flourishing oasis by making use of our mushroom compost and combining it with your current soil. Our unique compost will help your soil and plants to absorb more nutrients and retain water to prevent soil erosion.


  • Our mushroom compost is a natural product which will increase the humus in the soil
  • It is high in essential nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium
  • It offers a fertile base to encourage the active growth of microbes which make much-needed nutrients easily available for plants 
  • Plants will become less susceptible to pests and diseases thanks to the healthier soil 
  • Mushroom compost helps your soil to retain water 
  • It is a scientifically-proven method of improving the quality of your soil due to its organic compounds


  • Mirco-organisms are beneficial and effective at creating a living, healthy, and enriched soil 
  • Plants and grasses can build a good root structure for optimal growth 
  • It is a slow-release compost which encourages beneficial bacteria
  • It is versatile and can be used for most plants, grasses, and flowers

Stanler Farms’ mushroom compost is also perfect for gardeners who would like to save water and who would like to reduce their need for watering. It can be used for multiple applications and will provide you with a fecund and lush garden.